Rabindra Maitree University

Postgraduate Admission Criteria

Masters Programs

1. For MBA & MA in Bangla: Bachelor degree in any subject having minimum 2nd class/division or GPA/CGPA 2.50.
2.For MPEd Program: The candidate must have BPED degree havaing all second classes or GPA/CGPA 2.50.
3. Thw program duration will be 1 one year for the graduates having honors degree in concerned subject.
[N.B>: (a) In case fo freedom fighter ,students having total GPA 5.00 may apply . (b)Students fo English Medium must have 05(five) subjetes in O-Level and 2(two ) subjects in A-Level with minimum 'B' grade or GPA 4.00 in four subjects and minimum 'C' grade or GPA 3.50 in rest three subjects .In case of GED couses (five ),students must earn 410 out of 800 in every couse and 450 in average,]

a) Admission notice/ test schedules are available at the UAP admission office during office hours. These are also available at the following link of the UAP website: www.rmu.ac.bd

b) Students having foreign degrees must have equivalence certificate from proper authority.

c) For EMBA, the applicant must have minimum of three years of job experience after Graduation.

d) Applicant must be a Graduate of Civil for applying for Masters in Civil Engineering.

Note: Please note that you will be allowed to attend the admission test based on the information provided. If any deviation is found while taking the documents the admission may be cancelled even after you are selected/passed the admission test.